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Exotic products

Biocare NV product line brings to you the best of Exotic Butters, Exotic Extracts, and Exotic Oils for various applications in Food, Cosmetics, Nutraceutical, and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Our Philosophy

Biocare NV product line from N V Cos is manufactured through carefully chosen Contract Manufacturers around the globe who are the leaders in their own industry and some of these are associated with Fortune 500 companies.  We adhere to environmentally friendly methods of raw material procurement. We ensure no addition of Chemicals for processing & production and that no pesticides are used on the crops or the soil. Biocare NV will only offer products made from Naturally handpicked Seeds and Fruits from the forest.


As per the core idea of the N V Group, we want to serve the cosmetics industry by offering them Natural, Safe & Organic ingredients. Our vision at Biocare NV is to take to the entire world the most interesting Exotic and Authentic Oils, Butters, Extracts available from different parts of India. Other than taking the Indian products to the world market, we want to bring similar products from the world to the Indian market. In the next 3 years, Biocare NV will be the top three companies in the globe in its product segment.

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ABOUT Our Founder

Gautam Budhiraja is a Cosmetics Ingredients Expert, Cosmetics Formulation Expert, and helps Cosmetics Manufacturers grow their business.

He has experience of more than 28 years covering Imports, Manufacturing, and Distribution of cosmetic ingredients. It was his vision in the year 2000 that he created Group N V to provide Natural, Organic, and Safe Ingredients to the cosmetics industry. 

He traveled to Korea, France, Belgium, Switzerland, London, Japan, and a few other countries to establish contacts with reputed Manufacturers of Natural and Organic Ingredients so as to achieve his vision.

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Gautam Budhiraja completed his Masters in Chemistry from the University of Delhi. He has personally invested more than 5600 hours in the last more than 12 years in the Application Lab to study and to develop various kinds of formulations for the Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry.

Having worked with the manufacturers of specialty ingredients from all over the globe, he has gathered a sufficient amount of knowledge and competence that he calls himself an expert on the Distribution of Cosmetic Ingredients and Natural Ingredients in India and Neighbouring Countries